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Active dogs

Many of us have a rich active life with our dogs. This can apply to both the private and professional level.

Popular private activities are agility, working trials in search, track, report and search, as well as hunting. Professionally active dogs or service dogs, as we call them, have a requirement to perform daily and be able to handle the situations they face, such as Police and rescue dogs.

For active dogs, whether on the private or service level, it is very important that they get a food to meet their energy needs and maintain high quality. If they do not adequately food they can easily lose both strength and flesh.

A hunting dog needs a little more energy rich food daily the 1-2 months before hunting season starts to begin moving to a more energy-rich food and build an internal energy to keep the dog in top form during the time it performs the most. A hunting dog fed correctly does not loose the hull during the hunting season and requires to “build up” again when the season is over, but keeps a nice shape all the time.

What we sometimes forget is that if you are physically active along with your dog, out running several times a week or cycle long as these dogs also require a different energy intake than those who have a peaceful daily life. We know ourselves that if we do not eat right we cannot do heavy physical efforts as easily.

From our range of food, we recommend the following food for active dogs:

Carrier Regular

- Excellent daily food for dogs of all breeds and one of our best sellers.

Carrier Regular is recommended for those who have an active daily life with their dog, such as longer walks, light jogging / biking, agility or user training on everyday level. Carrier Regular is also an excellent daily food for hunting dogs during the resting period.

Carrier Super Premium

- The food we recommend for more everyday active dogs, such as those who follow their owners for more physically challenging practice rounds.

Carrier Super Premium is also a food for larger breeds, with a little lower activity level. An excellent food for working dogs and more active agility and working dogs.

High-Energy Competition

- A very good and popular energy food for working dogs of all breeds and very active agility and working dogs of larger breeds.

High-Energy Professional

- The food used by those with very active dogs of large breeds and is one of our best sellers. High-Energy Professional has a perfect mix of protein and fat and a high content of vitamins and minerals.

High-Energy Professional is also the food that we recommend during the intense hunting season. Its energy and nutrients to keep your hunting dog in top condition and dont need to be afraid of the drop in the flesh. A hunting dog can also be the difficult with the food when it is excited by the hunting and it’s very beneficial to give a strong energy-rich food at these times.

Tello Premium

- One of our best sellers and is suitable for active dogs of all breeds. A food that is great for everyday food for hunting dogs during the rest period.

Tello High-Energy

- Also one of our best sellers among the energy foods. A very popular food during the more intense hunting season and for dogs that have a very active everyday life along with their owners.


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