• The family Dogs
    The family Dogs

    The dog is man´s best friend and has been a companion to man through the millennia.

    Family dogs give us joy and happiness and it´s proved that dogs have a very positive impact on human physical and mental health.


  • Active dogs
    Active dogs

    Many of us have a rich active life with our dogs. This can apply to both the private and professional level.

    Popular private activities are agility, working trials in search, track, report and search, as well as hunting. Professionally active dogs or service dogs, as we call them, have a requirement to perform daily and be able to handle the situations they face, such as Police and rescue dogs.


  • Working dogs
    Working dogs

    It is said that it was the Indians who first started using the dog as a means to pull materials when they moved to different places. To use the dog as a supplement where man himself is not enough has been done in ancient times.

    Sled dogs, herding dogs, retrieving hunting dogs are all good examples of where the dog actively is working with people and in our range we have several very good energy food for these dogs as they have a special need for energy-and nutrient-rich food.


  • Feed selector
    Feed selector

    Which feed should my dog have?

    Do not you know which food you choose for your dog? Here you can see an overview of our dog food so that you can choose the feed that suits your dog.


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