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(Svenska) Lax

Carrier Salmon & Rice is a complete wheat free dog food based on salmon, recommended for young and adult dogs of all breeds.

(Svenska) Carrier Hundfoder

Carrier Dogfood is a wheat free and meat based high quality Super Premium food, for dogs of all breeds.
Carrier Dogfood is produced by carefully selected ingredients for a high digestibility and rich taste.

(Svenska) Carrier Grain Free

Carrier Dog Food has two new family members! Carrier GRAIN FREE Chicken and Carrier GRAIN FREE Lamb.

(Svenska) High Energy Hundfoder

High-Energy Super Premium Dogfood is one of the best high energy foods on the Swedish market!
Wheat free and with a very high contents of meat it´s this food you should look closer at if you´re looking for a high class energy food for your dog.

(Svenska) Tello Hundfoder

Tello is a line of affordable dog foods for all breeds. Here you will find a food that covers the needs from a low activated family dog to the champion in the racing team.

Svenska Hundfoder AB – Premium foods for dogs and cats

Welcome Svenska Hundfoder AB. A family company that´s been producers of dog and cat food for 30 years. We have an ongoing development of the products and our plant that make us proud to be able to offer you Swedish made dog and cat food of high class Premium quality.

We welcome you to look around at our range of dog and cat food. We have something for every need in life. If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to send us a mail!